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Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek Dear Readers,

The topics of our update are also reflecting our slow return to normal. But the way to get there is not entirely feasible without matters relating to corona (yet).

I wish you an interesting reading.

Dr. Sascha Schewiola

Returning from home office - What employers have to consider 

When the corona pandemic broke out, many employers allowed their employees to work in home office or even forced them to do so. In the meantime, many uncertainties have been clarified and the desire for normality...
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Dismissals during short-time work
In the course of the Corona crisis, a large number of companies have introduced short-time work. Funded by statutory unemployment insurance, short-time work is an instrument of labour market policy...
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Arrival and departure times are also "working hours" - federal labor court strengthens right of field staff

The plaintiff is employed as a service technician in the field service. The defendant company is bound by the collective bargaining agreements of the wholesale and foreign trade of Lower Saxony...
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Extraordinary termination of a severely disabled person by the employer
As a rule, an extraordinary notice of termination can be given to a severely disabled employee within one week of receiving the approval of the Integration Office...
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Two-stage exclusion clause - transparency requirement

In this ruling, the German Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht – BAG) once again specifies the requirements for limitation periods in employment contracts according to the laws of general terms...
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