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Update Employment Law
Coronavirus Part 4


Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek Dear Readers,

With this update, we would like to inform you about further labour law developments in the Corona crisis.

Also included is an interesting decision of the employment court Emden regarding the obligation of employers to record working hours, which (also) has implications for short-time work.

I wish you an interesting reading.

Dr. Sascha Schewiola 

Virtual Works Council Work in the Corona Pandemic 
- A legislative solution in sight
After a mere ministerial declaration more than three weeks ago, the German Federal Government has now also intro-duced a draft of an act which is intended to put recent and future virtual works council...
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Recording of working hours: Emden Labor Court sees employer's duty
In the sensational decision of 14 May 2019 (Case C-55/18), the ECJ ruled that the Member States must oblige employers to introduce an "objective, reliable and accessible system enabling the duration...
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Personnel Partnerships - Cross-company
personnel deployment 
The spread of the corona virus is a considerable burden on the economy. Many companies in Germany are forced to reduce their business operations or even to close down completely or partially...
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